These days, I find myself pondering on the next article to write on. At first, I wanted to write about best practices to utilize during rate limiting. I was going to write about different ways to implement rate limiting using Node Js and then buttress on the limitations of each approach.

On second thought, I realised I wasn’t doing anything new, as much as I wanted to sound new and different, these things exist already and even if I end up convincing my readers that I have a world-best approach to it, it still wasn’t new.

Then something hit me, is there anything new under the sun in 2020? Aren’t we all just re-inventing the wheel? …

How to set up your javascript development environment (PART 1)

Building a javascript development environment from scratch can be overwhelming, but with a custom template, you can save you and your teams’ precious time.

Regardless of your stack or role, client or server-side. We are going to be building a powerful and interactive javascript environment that enables you to kickstart your project in no time.

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Before, we begin, the project repository can be found here.

To build a robust javascript development environment, we shall be considering a lot of things which I have divided under subtopics as below:

Golang vs Node Js

Having worked with Javascript and Node Js for a while, I began learning Go recently and a question I keep asking myself is why do these programming languages exist? Why do we have Go when there is Node or vice versa.

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I started to appreciate both languages for what they do after some time. Please note, this is not an attempt to point out why a language is better than the other, that is not my belief. I believe languages are analogous to tools in a carpenter workshop. …

Internal Implementation Disclosure is the process whereby your web application leaks information about the software being run, the server technology and operating system to a malicious hacker.

We will be considering several concepts under this topic that helps attackers build up useful profiles about your website.

How an attacker builds a website risk profile

Imagine a bank robber, he tries to understand every point of risk he can find within and outside the bank. Same goes for an attacker on the website. The attacker wants to understand the libraries and frameworks, he wants to see the HTML source and the structure of the file (inline SQL statements, hidden fields in HTML source, comments in your HTML fields). …


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